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Triad RF will be attending the Small Satellite Conference 2022 from August 8th to the 11th at University of Utah in Logan, UT.


Low Earth orbit satellites are part of the NewSpace race, and there are increasing demands for CubeSat and SmallSat products to provide reliable links across hundreds of miles with more bandwidth and faster data rates across limited spectrums.


Triad RF Systems will be showcasing our industry-leading, CubeSat integrated radio systems, RF power and bi-directional amplifiers, Tx downlink amplifiers, full duplex sub-assemblies, and multi-functional amplifier systems. Our custom, SWaP-sensitive subsystems and products work with any customer's SDRs and can handle up/down conversion, RF filtering, signal amplification, LNAs, and switching. Our technological expertise has led to the creation of CubeSat amplifiers and assemblies that have logged over 16 years of Low Earth Orbit flight time.  


Stop by the Triad Booth S59 on the second floor of the Taggart Student Center to learn more about our proven flight heritage and explore your CubeSat possibilities with a company you can trust with your CubeSat radio solutions. Triad’s low-SWaP designs are ideal for Satcom applications where every gram, mm, and mA matters.

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